Lone Black member of Police Services Board attends his final meeting

Ainsworth Morgan

Jamaica-born Ainsworth Morgan attended his final meeting as a member of the Toronto Police Services Board on Thursday last.

Morgan who had served for more than three years as the lone Black member of the Board, told The Caribbean Camera that he was thankful for the opportunity to serve.

“I was able to bring community context to issues,” he added.

But Morgan said he did not know whether the next person to be appointed to the Board “will be from the Black community.

“However, I hope that consideration will be given to another Black person to serve as a member of the Board.”

He noted that one of the things for which he was “really proud” while serving on the Board was “the expanding of the work of the anti-racism advisory panel which is now a permanent body of the Board.”

He said he was also proud of the way promotions in the service are handled.

“We are dealing with promotions with the lens of diversity,” he said.

Speaking at the Board meeting last Thursday, Morgan said that “as a young man growing up in Region Park neighbourhood in Toronto, he was taught “the importance of service and community.”

“In my term, I have seen many important issues come to the table – significant challenges, bold leadership and concentrated movement towards more effective and meaningful partnerships with the public,” he noted.

He pointed out that it has been a period of change of circumstances, with respect to policing in society, particularly for black, marginalized and vulnerable communities, which led to “major ongoing reform within our organization.”

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