Looking into D future with Whitfield Belasco

After making mas’ in Canada for nearly half a century, Whitfield  Alwyn Belasco  is now “looking into the future” for Toronto carnival 2017.

In fact his band is called “Looking into D future.”

Belasco whose mas’ presentations have been ” on the road” in  Toronto every year – except one – since Caribana was first staged in 1967, said his 2017  band ” is based on futurist ideas ”  with a major contingent of members from the labour movement.

” Our  main sponsor is the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and we will have at least 100 union members in the band,”  he said.

“One section in black and white will be highlighting the theme ‘ equality of workers ”  while another section in red, gold and brown will be portraying “equity for workers.”

Belasco who is a carnival artist with well recognized skills in wire-bending -skills which he learnt in his native Trinidad –  has already started working on his more elaborate pieces for his “”futuristic presentation.”

” We will be having  at least 10 big pieces – king and queen, male and female individual in both the children and adult categories plus a few extras.”

Sherwin Modeste, his 2017 king of the band, will be portraying “Evolution of Man” in keeping with the band’s “futuristic theme.”

Without giving away much information about the queen’s costume, Belasco said it will also be ”  a futuristic design.”

His  2017 queen of the band will be Asha Jodah.

Belasco said all  costumes in the band will be designed by himself and Walter Elliot.

“Walter has been designing  for me for a few years. He has the ability to interpret my ideas and bring them to life.” he added.

Price of  costumes: on average $200.

Want to learn more about ” Looking into D future.” ?

Well Belasco suggests that you show up at the launching of the band.

It will take place at the Toronto Plaza hotel at 1677 Wilson Avenue on May 20.