LUX Carnival’s Northern Lights Illuminates Toronto Carnival

Bandleader Sharon Davis

LUX Carnival, a beacon of creativity and cultural celebration in Canada’s carnival scene, hosted its much-anticipated 2024 Toronto Carnival Costume Showcase at The Avenue Banquet Hall in Vaughan last Friday night. Themed “Northern Lights,” the event was a testament to LUX’s commitment to blending art with history and culture, offering an elegant evening filled with the vibrant spirit of Carnival.

The showcase featured three stunning sections: Atmosphere, Elektrik, and Aurora Rhythm, each telling its own story through intricate designs and vivid colors.


Before the main event, LUX Carnival had special presentations by notable individuals, including Mishka Crichton, CEO of the Festival Management Committee (FMC), Suzy Hansen, MLA for Halifax Needham and NDP Caucus Chair, and David Gibbs, Consul of the Barbados Consulate.

LUX Carnival is not just about stunning costumes; says bandleader Sharon Davis “it’s about providing an all-inclusive experience for masqueraders. With the purchase of their costumes, participants will enjoy premium costumes, non-alcoholic drinks, food and snacks, a LUX goodie bag, HD photography and videography, a digital app, and security. All this, coupled with the beats of local and international DJs, promises an unforgettable Carnival experience”. The starting price for these costume packages is $285.


The event’s entertainment lineup featured MC Doc Lance, DJs Rod C, Cashala, and resident DJ Wickham, as well as live performances by artists Moon, Hndfll, Jaxx, along with Khadeem Quintyne. The evening also featured performances by Indigenous hoop dancer Lisa Odjig and by Toronto’s Samba Connection Dance Group.

LUX Carnival’s ninth year drew in hundreds of attendees from Canada, the United States, and the UK. The event not only showcased the creative prowess of LUX Carnival but also reinforced its role as a cultural ambassador, celebrating the rich and diverse heritage of the Caribbean community.

Hoop dancer Lisa Odjig
Anika Apollon, Founder of Birthday Wonders, Nyoka Robinson and MC Doc Lance
Aurora Rhythm