MacFarlane at the ROM

Brian MacFarlane
This weekend’s symposium on Carnival culture at the Royal Ontario Museum will highlight the internationally renowned mas maker Brian MacFarlane, and whose numerous colourful pieces have graced the recent London 2012 Olympic Games and Commonwealth Conferences. It will also be a grand ceremonial closing of a year-long exhibition of Carnival costumes and drawings created in the past two years.

MacFarlane was triumphant in this year’s Trinidad carnival garnering just about every award that that festival had to offer. Here in Toronto, lovers of mas costumes have commented that the drawings themselves are unique works of art worthy of any gallery.

A two day event, Saturday 23rd will be devoted to panel discussions on all aspects of Caribbean mas with MacFarlane answering questions from the audience. This will run from 10am to 5:30 pm.

On Sunday, starting at 1pm will be the one hour long documentary “The Insatiable Season” in which MacFarlane is shown designing, preparing and presenting, along with his band members, the 2006 Carnival. This is an insightful emotional film about the trials and triumphs of one individual, though it can be shared with the hundreds of other mas band leaders in that twin island nation.
After the showing, Herman Silochan of the Caribbean Camera Newspaper will be a moderator, leading a discussion between the audience and MacFarlane.

General admission at the gate will give access to all exhibitions including the symposium itself. Visitors will also have a chance to view the colourful new book on Toronto Caribbean Carnival, prepared by noted photographer, Anthony Berot, also of The Camera.