Maggie Miller’s Caribbean restaurant spices up Regina’s fare

Delroy Miller (left), Maggie Miller and grandson Tyrel Latoski

As a retirement project, Maggie Miller considered opening a day care following 25 years working in the Mother Baby Unit with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

The day care idea was soon replaced by thoughts of opening a Caribbean restaurant when she reflected on the proficiency of her husband Delroy Miller’s proficiency in the kitchen.  Delroy’s cooking was making a name for itself at church functions. That settled it.

Maggie immigrated to Regina in 1990 with Delroy following in 1993. That would lead to them setting up a storefront 30 years later.

In early 2021, a friend of their son, Roman, who was new to the city was craving Jamaican food – something Regina severely lacked. Roman encouraged him to visit his parents. His friend was amazed at the quality, and told the couple he would pay them to cook more. Roman posted photos of the food to social media, and Auntie Maggie’s Caribbean Meals was born.

“This business began in the breezeway between my house and garage,” Maggie says with a laugh.

Customers would place takeout or delivery orders by texting her cellphone or messaging the growing Auntie Maggie’s Facebook account.

In the meantime Delroy churned out all of the Jamaican classics, like jerk chicken, rice and peas, oxtail, curry goat, fried plantains and festivals.

The home business flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Then, Delroy was tasked by his employer to install the dining room floor of 3414 13th Ave. Months later, when the couple heard the landlord was looking for a new tenant, Delroy pounced on the opportunity to open a storefront.

In April, the location in the Cathedral Village started serving customers.

Family members still pop by to help out. Maggie calls her niece Alexis her “right hand.”

For Maggie, the restaurant is her new retirement “dream come true.”

“This business gives us both purpose,” she says, gazing into the kitchen, where Delroy is hard at work. “I believe in him – more than he believes in himself. He has so much potential.”