Masai Ujiri appointed to the Order of Canada


Mary A. Tidlund and Gladys Lynn Jones also received appointments

By Stephen Weir

Masai Ujiri

In a ceremony held at Rideau Hall last week Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada, announced the appointment of 85 distinguished individuals to the Order of Canada. The appointments include three Companions, 22 Officers, and 60 Members, recognizing their exceptional contributions to various fields and their significant impact on Canadian society. Notably, three of the appointees are Black Canadians, highlighting their achievements and contributions to the nation.

Among the newly appointed Companions is Masai Michael Ujiri from Toronto, recognized for his remarkable contributions both on and off the basketball court. Ujiri, known for his humanitarian efforts and role as the NBA Raptor’s president, has inspired many through his leadership and dedication.

One of the appointed Officers is Gladys Lynn Jones, commonly known as Lynn, an African-Canadian woman hailing from Truro, Nova Scotia. Lynn’s upbringing in a large family and her involvement in her local community set the foundation for her lifelong commitment to justice and advocacy. She embarked on a successful career in the Federal Public Service, working at the Canadian Employment Centre and becoming the first Black person to reach the executive ranks of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). Lynn’s unwavering pursuit of

Mary A. Tidlund
Lynn Jones

justice has made a significant impact in eradicating racism, securing human rights, and promoting fair labor practices. Her distinguished achievements have earned her numerous accolades, including the Queen’s Medal and the Congress of Black Women of Canada‚Äôs Women of Excellence award.

Another Officer, Mary A. Tidlund, born in Calgary, Alberta, has been recognized for her outstanding philanthropy and entrepreneurial spirit. As the founder and chairman of The Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation, Tidlund has actively supported and participated in various medical, dental, and educational programs in Canada and overseas. Her entrepreneurial ventures, including the co-founding of Williston Wildcatters Oil Corp., have made significant contributions to the Canadian oil and gas industry. Tidlund’s commitment to charitable causes and her dedication to business endeavors have earned her recognition, including the Black Achievement Award for Humanitarianism in Alberta.

The Order of Canada, established in 1967, has celebrated over 7,800 individuals whose service has shaped Canadian society, whose innovations have ignited imaginations, and whose compassion has fostered unity within communities. These 85 distinguished appointments further highlight the remarkable achievements of Canadians who have made a lasting impact in their respective fields.