Masani St. Rose a Unifying Force Through the Universal Language of Dance and Rhythm

Masani St. Rose

The West African Dance Workshop, led by the esteemed Masani St. Rose, was a vibrant celebration of culture and movement that mesmerized the Calgary community. Participants immersed themselves in the spirited and culturally rich art of West African dance, guided expertly by Masani St. Rose on a journey through history and tradition.

Dressed in a colorful lappa and adorned with a cowry shell necklace, Masani St. Rose embodied the essence of West African heritage, symbolizing a profound connection to cultural roots beyond mere attire. Dancing barefoot, she emphasized the importance of physical and spiritual grounding, echoing the traditions of West African dance customs.

Masani St. Rose dance

Masani commenced the workshop by delving into the cultural significance of each movement, intertwining tales of daily life and historical narratives from West African societies. It transcended a simple dance session, offering participants a holistic cultural experience that both captivated and educated.

Under Masani’s guidance, participants embraced the energetic movements, not only learning the steps but also absorbing the stories embedded within them. Each dance sequence became a fusion of narrative and physical exertion, expanding beyond exercise to encompass spiritual and historical dimensions.

As the workshop concluded, participants were not only sweating but also filled with joy, deeply engaged in the experience of learning and the sense of community fostered within the session. Masani St. Rose’s workshop served as a unifying force, connecting Calgary’s diverse population through the universal language of dance and rhythm.

This session, part of the ongoing Stories in Motion series, offered a profound exploration of movement and heritage, highlighting the transformative power of dance as a conduit for cultural exchange and understanding. The next session is slated for Saturday, May 25th, promising another immersive journey into tradition and movement.