Mayor Tory outlines the City of Toronto’s priorities for federal leaders

John Tory

Mayor Tory has written to the federal party leaders outlining the City of Toronto’s most important priorities and inviting them to detail how they will address these priorities during the current federal election. 

In the letters, the Mayor notes that the pandemic is not yet over and the continued support from other levels of government – in particular the Federal government – is critical to Toronto’s continuing success.

The City of Toronto’s key priorities at this time include:

  1. Continuing COVID-19 Operating Budget Relief Funding – a further $75 million for 2021 and between $702 million and $1.534 billion in 2022 to cover, among other things, TTC ridership losses and extraordinary pressures on our shelter system, and which would ideally involve a renewed federal-provincial partnership.
  2. Supporting the City’s 24-month COVID-19 Housing and Homelessness Recovery Plan and the shift from emergency shelters towards permanent supportive housing solutions for people experiencing homelessness;
  3. Continuing to invest in Toronto’s public transit system by committing to a funding partnership with the City and the Province on Toronto’s subway vehicle needs and future Eglinton East LRT and Waterfront East LRT transit lines, which will help facilitate economic growth, and a greener City; 
  4. Contributing to the creation of a more robust mental health care system, which has become even more necessary in light of the pandemic, including the needed supports to address homelessness and substance use, including the tragic rise in opioid-related deaths; and
  5. Following through with the Federal government’s commitment to fund community violence prevention programs, and providing $26.2 million over five years for programming to support local communities and prevent crime in Toronto

“Despite the challenges we have faced, with these necessary partnerships, I am confident that Toronto will continue to be the driving engine of Canada’s economy and our economic recovery. Toronto’s success will be Canada’s success,” wrote Mayor Tory. “Necessary relief funding, but also critical investments in Toronto’s public transit system, housing, and other key priorities will contribute to a national recovery that helps all Canadians, that is green and sustainable for future generations, and one that spurs the needed long-term economic prosperity and job creation for the greater regional, provincial and national economies.”

The Mayor looks forward to discussing these priorities with the leaders over the course of the election campaign.