Members of the Carpenters Union build home for family in Jamaica in two days

Carpenters Union team in Jamaica

A group of 12 dedicated members of the Carpenters’ Union Local 27 Equity Committee embarked on a humanitarian mission in Chapleton, Clarendon, Jamaica. They told the Caribbean Camera about the work involved in building a home for a less fortunate family in need in just two days.

Last week, the Carpenters’ Union Local 27 Equity Committee, led by Chris Campbell, organized a remarkable humanitarian mission to Chapleton, Clarendon, Jamaica. This group of 12 committed union members embarked on a mission to build a home for a less fortunate family in need. What makes this effort truly exceptional is that not only did these union members cover their own flight and accommodation expenses, but they also personally supported the cost of the entire mission.

During an exclusive interview with Campbell, the leader of this remarkable initiative, he shared insights into their mission. “We went down to build a house last week, on Thursday and Friday,” he explained.

Carpenters Union team

“While the foundation was already in place upon their arrival, the dedicated carpenters worked tirelessly to complete the construction in just two days, showcasing their skills and commitment to making a difference”.

The project was made possible through a collaboration with Food for the Poor Jamaica, an organization dedicated to helping those in need. Campbell further revealed that their partnership extended beyond borders, as they collaborated with Food for the Poor Canada prior to their mission.

The project involved the 12 union members and a team from Food for the Poor Jamaica, totaling 20 people working together to build a two-bedroom house. While details like the square footage were not immediately available, plans for the house would be shared to provide exact dimensions at website.

One of the participants, Rokhaya Gueye, shared her rewarding experience, saying, “It was very rewarding actually. Yeah, when it comes to going outside of the country to go build, yes, that’s my first time. A very philanthropic experience, you know.” She emphasized the significance of giving

Carpenters Union team
Carpenters Union team

back internationally and the privilege it was to be part of such a mission.

Clifton Donegal, who was instrumental in making this mission happen, emphasized the importance of planning and fundraising for such initiatives. He acknowledged that a significant portion of the funding came from the participants themselves, along with sponsorships, to cover expenses like accommodation and transportation.

Donegal expressed the joy of witnessing a happy family gain a sense of security in their new home and affirmed that he would be open to repeating such missions. However, he highlighted the need for outside sponsors, especially to support apprentices who might not have the same financial resources.

This mission was an international effort, with participants hailing from various backgrounds, including West Africa, East Africa, the Caribbean, and Canada. It showcased the unity and diversity within the Carpenters’ Union, emphasizing the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The Carpenters’ Union Local 27 Equity Committee’s humanitarian mission in Jamaica serves as a

Chris Campbell of the Carpenters’ Union hand over the keys to the new home

heartwarming example of union members coming together to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Their commitment to covering expenses and their dedication to building a home in just two days is truly commendable. Special thanks go to the organizations and individuals who supported this mission, including Food For The Poor of Canada, Inc., Food For The Poor Jamaica, Toronto Community Benefits Network, Building Up, Jamaica Information Service, and Robert Nester Morgan MP of Chapleton, Jamaica.