Minister, MP anchor Black women’s event

Mitzie Hunter
Mitzie Hunter

Ontario minister Mitzie Hunter and MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes will headline the second annual Canada International Black Women Event (CIBWE) June 10 and 11 at Novotel Hotel, Mississauga.

Rose Cathy Handy said the conference will be opened by Hunter, associate minister of finance responsible for pension reform and MPP for Scarborough-Guildwood. “Her opening remarks will lead to the following conversation on breaking the cycle of poverty in Black families,” Handy said.

Celina Casesar-Chavannes
Celina Casesar-Chavannes

The keynote address will be given Caesar-Chavannes, parliamentary secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and MP for Whitby.

Handy, founder of this unique networking conference, said Black women in Canada are now tearing down the walls and breaking barriers everywhere in society.

“These accomplishments have to be acknowledged, elevated and celebrated. And women have to be encouraged and supported to do even more.”

Women at the event will be networking, attending a series of panel discussions focused on breaking the cycle of poverty with financial literacy and business success, empowering Black women in how they manage their health, image, faith and influence to improve their lives and those of others.

A special conference on Saturday will feature men talking about matters of love and Black women.

CIBWE is supporting the Esther Handy Children’s Fund, an initiative to raise funds to assist in education of orphans of HIV AIDS in Cameroon. This project also offers leadership training to young Black girls in Canada.

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