Mom cites drugs in T&T decapitation

Nathan Maraj

20151105-Nathan MarajPORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago – Ramdaye Maraj, 74, the mother of Nathan Maraj, 35, whose decapitated body was found in a garbage heap in Port of Spain last Wednesday, says her son’s gruesome murder should be a lesson and a wake-up call to all children involved in drugs.

Speaking from her home at Harkoo Trace, Las Lomas No 2, Maraj said her son lived with her and she last saw him on Monday morning last week when she had a favourable conversation with him about his use of marijuana.

“I spoke to him many times about smoking marijuana but he would always quarrel with me and say to stop nagging him about it but I still used to talk to him about it and tell him that what he was doing was wrong,” she said.

She added: “I grew him up in church and I grew him up knowing right from wrong and he knew. I tried all that I could with him. I am not hiding for him because he is my son but look at what happened to him, if he had only listened to me?

“Just Monday I was talking to him about it and he was actually listening to me and didn’t argue with me for telling him how I feel.”

Maraj’s head was found in a garbage heap near Pall Mall Street, East Dry River, Port of Spain while his body was found in the trunk of a white BMW hatchback.

The elder Maraj said her son was the last of eight children and he was the second child she had lost. One of her sons died at age 48 from cancer.

She said she believed with the frequent use of marijuana her son became bipolar.

“When he is good, he is so good. He and I always shared a close relationship and he would always want me to go wherever with him. He recently took me to London.

“He would want to take me to the U.S. and Canada where he have his brother and sister.”