Monkey in operating threatre at Port of Spain hospital


PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad –  The Port of Spain General hospital has  confirmed that a monkey was discovered inside the building, but angrily denied a snake was with it.

The simian was reportedly spotted in Port-of-Spain General Hospital’s operating theatre early on Friday by medical staff, who were preparing to resume elective surgeries following a three-month interruption due to the coronavirus.

The incident caused an hours-long delay in operations, with zoo workers called in to capture the animal, according to the Trinidad Guardian.

In a statement, the region’s health authority said it was aware of two posts circulating on social media, one which was captioned, “Monkey and Big Snake was found at the Post-of-Spain General Hospital yesterday”.

Another featured a video clip of a monkey clambering around on a shelf.

The statement, reported by the Guardian on Saturday, said: “The Authority categorically denies that a snake was also found on the hospital’s compound and any information suggesting same is false, misleading and malicious.

“The incident is currently being reviewed in an effort to implement appropriate measures to prevent a recurrence.”