Montreal high school celebrates Kamala’s victory

Westmount High students

MONTREAL – Westmount high school on Monday celebrated Kamala Harris’s historic achievement on becoming the firsrt Black and first South Asian woman elected vice-president of the United States.

Students held  up signs and notes of congratulation.

Harris came to Montreal as a 12-year-old from California with her sister and mother and spent her formative teen years at Westmount High School, graduating in 1981.


Fellow students said she mixed in well in the diverse environment, and was an outgoing and intellectually vibrant peer.

Guidance councillor Karen Allen said Harris is a role model for many of the students in the school.

“It’s somebody who experienced what they experienced.”

Allen also said this is the perfect opportunity to inspire young students in difficult times.

“Everything is possible so if there are passions and dreams they can pursue them and know that it is possible,” Allen said.

“If it wasn’t for the pandemic, the school would probably have had a rally in the auditorium to celebrate Harris’s (and the school’s) achievements, “Allen said

“I am super excited that there’s a very influential figure that went to my school,” said student Charlotte Harrison. “It really inspires me.”

Westmount High students

Officials from the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) say a formal invitation will be sent to the  vice-president -elect to visit her old stomping grounds.

“It’s certainly something we would welcome. The students would be absolutely thrilled and the staff as well,” EMSB chair Joe Ortona said.

In a message on twitter, Quebec Premier  François Legault wrote: “I also congratulate the Vice-President-elect, Ms. Kamala Harris,

Kamala from the 1981 year book

who spent part of her youth in Montreal,”

 “We hope to see you soon. You will always be welcome in Quebec.”