Morton goes ‘Beyond’ for carnival 2017

Bandleader Will Morton ‘s face lights up when he talks about his mas’ presentation for Peeks Toronto Caribbean carnival 2017.

In Morton’s own words:”It’s beyond  imagination.”

In fact his  theme this year is ‘Beyond.'”

Will said Michelle, one of his associates, came up with the idea for “Beyond.”

” This mas’  is going to blow your mind,” he beamed.

“It deals with different parts of the world – different parts of the universe,” he added.

He said the band has eight sections – Beyond The Mirage, Elements, Passion, Milky Way, East Africa, Beyond the Storm, Whimsy, and  Mystic Forest.

As far as making mas’ is concerned,  Will is not a new boy on the block.

He is well experienced in the carnival arts.

Some mas’ aficionados will remember him from Saldenah’s mas’ camp  or Nationz  or Revelllers.

But back in 2009 he thought it was time to strike out on his own and he will tell you that since then, he has done ” very well, thank you.”

This year he is hoping to do better than “very well” in the battle for carnival honours  on ” de Boulevard.”

Will said he  will be presenting  a ” medium sized band”  with about 400  players.

“It is one of three B Class bands. – what some people call a family band.”

Morton announced that on Saturday he will launch his “kiddies band.”

“This is more like a family day.We will have entertainment, and hamburgers and hot dogs for all the kids and adults and we intend to have a great time. We we will even have some Papa Joe’s currant rolls coming in for the event, ” he said.

” So we are encouraging our  communities to come out and spend the day with us.”