Moses Revolution’s ‘Thank you Canada’ to be released June 19

Moses Revolution

When,  as a youngster, Moses Lewis started playing the drums with Sound Revolution in his native Trinidad, he didn’t have a career in music in mind.

He’ll tell you he  just loved the drums.

And so  he went on playing with the Sound Revolution for 22 years until the musical ensemble disbanded back in 1998.

Several years later, Moses left Trinidad for Canada “to start a new life.”

” Back in 2001,  my  wife and I started a flower delivery business in the GTA. We worked in the day but my nights were free and I discovered that three busiest times on the floral calendar are Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day… So that left me   with a lot of time for my other love, music – which never really disappeared,” he related.


And he soon embarked on another musical revolution –  this time it was Moses Revolution. He had formed his own band.

” When I saw the amount of first class t talent being wasted in Toronto, I felt I had to had to do something. I had no trouble getting some fine musicians to join me,” he told the Caribbean Camera.

” It’s a flexible arrangement. Sometimes I use five players in the band  and on other occasions we may have as many as eleven, if we have a gig where we are backing up a big artist from the Caribbean who would require a full band sound, ” Moses explained.

” In Canada  the music is more lucrative in the summertime when the  sale of flowers is  slow. So the flowers and the music work well for me,” he said.

He said that  today many people in the Caribbean community here in the GTA.  consider Moses Revolution ” as the Number One ensemble.

” We have played at Harbourfront in the city of Toronto. We have toured extensively with Calypso Rose  and the Mighty Sparrow.  Two years ago we were way up north in   the Yukon ,” he said.

One of the band’s newest projects is  a track which it has just produced called “Thank You Canada.”

Moses said “it’s basically a song that I wrote  giving thanks to Canada for  letting us, Caribbean people, in and giving us an opportunity to make  Canada our home.

“I did it because I wanted to give back  to this great country of ours, as a citizen  who is very thankful for the opportunities which we have in Canada .

” I believe I think I speak for a lot of Caribbean people  who came and are thankful for being here.”

Moses said that several top performers are on the track – Connector, Macumere Fifi, Roger Gibbs of Barbados, Drew Gonzales from the band Kobo town,  Naki and David “Yellows” Morgan.”

The single will be available from Tuesday June 19 on iTunes and the other social media sites which sell  music, he announced.

He also said that song can be heard on Youtube “where we uploaded it with some images of Toronto and Caribana.”

“I think that this is the only Canada 150th  anniversary  song done in a Caribbean genre to celebrate Canada’s birthday, he said.

As for upcoming engagements, Moses said that the band will be

playing at the Triple T Community Connection Sport & Talent event at the Nike- Malvern Sport Complex in Scarborough on Saturday.

Moses Revolution will also be playing at the at Irie Fest at Celebration Square  in Mississauga  on Saturday June 24.,”

” At this event we will be backing the Voice, the reigning Trinidad and Tobago Soca monarch,” said Moses.

And come Canada Day,  the band will be backing Baron at a concert. in Vaughan.