Moving the Dial for Black youth

By Gwen Chapman

Black youth panel

The Annual Move “The Dial Global Summit” was recently held at Roy Thompson Hall, Toronto. 

The event was the work of Jodi Kovitz, a former lawyer, passionate, with a big heart, great vision, and determination to follow her dream – a global initiative to empower women and girls in the areas of Business and Technology. A visionary and leader in the area of human development, diversity, collaboration and inclusion, Kovitz’s Move The Dial Global Summit is creating meaningful opportunities to include black women and girls in spaces where they otherwise would not be welcomed.   

The day was filled with workshops on technology, business, branding, marketing and an array of stories of success that left the attendees inspired and motivated. Over 3,000 attend this annual event. 

Jodi Kovitz

A Special Black Youth Session was included this year. One hundred black youth, brought by the City of Toronto’s Confronting Anti-Black Racism Unit, were left feeling more confident about their future after hearing the stories of black executives who encouraged them to get an education and work hard towards making something of their lives.

The session featured a panel of guests who spoke about their work experience and the future of business and technology.  Speakers included  David King – Head of Employee Experience of Diversity and Belonging at Shopify; Damien Hooper-Campbell, VP, Chief Diversity Officer at eBay; Ashley McKenzie-Barnes, Independent Creative Director and Curator at TEDxToronto; Harbourfront Centre; and Jessica Yamoah – Founder & CEO at INNOVATE INCLUSION™.  The Youth Panelists were Christine Dikongue and Irene Duah Kessie.

Kovitz, CEO & Founder of Move The Dial and author of GO OUT OF YOUR WAY, is planning other events for 2020.  She is a true example of what she writes about, ‘How One Small Act Can Move The Dial In Business and Life.