Moy Fung empowering women in business and personal development

By Gwyn Chapman

Moy Fung

Moy Fung, an entrepreneur, character development coach, speaker and most importantly a mother of three young men, is the author of her first book “Success is a Journey.”

A humble woman who is not too fond of big introductions that announce her accomplishments, but someone who is more focused on the quality and impact of her work in the lives of those who need to be empowered.

Fung is passionate about serving people through (social) entrepreneurship.  She is the founder of STARS (Setting The Attitude Right from the Start) Youth International, You Inspire Me Women Enterprise.

For the past 14 years she has worked to create solutions and strategies to empower young and mature adults through building microbrands, entrepreneurship training and working with small businesses and professionals to help them close gaps in their sales cycle or personal development goals.

Question: What inspired your passion for entrepreneurship?

Moy Fung: My passion for entrepreneurship came from a personal need and cry for help, for emotional and financial support. I first wanted to create solutions for my own challenges and then I wanted to help others who were faced with similar struggles.

Q: What led to writing this book?

MF: The book started as a simple workbook to support my workshops for women.  I wanted to provide them with tools to help them identify underlying challenges that keep them stagnant in life. And help them extract their talents and skills and teach them how they can monetize them. The book includes inspirational articles, a self-analysis workbook, a business plan template and financial budget template to empower women in entrepreneurship and life.

Q What are some of the key initiatives you’d like to make happen for 2020?

MF: My aim is to use continue to use the gifts of love and compassion that God has given me, to impact more people. I intend to partner with schools, women’s groups, community organizations and other entities to share my gifts. I am confident that many will find healing and hope from my talks and workshops.

Q: What are some of your main concerns about our community and how do you see yourself being a part of the solution?

MF: My main concerns include the increase in mental illnesses like depression and anxiety among all ages and genders. These are the areas I directly want to target through my workshops and speaking engagements.

Q: What are some of the key lessons you’ve learnt along your journey?

MF: I’ve learned quite a few, but the number one lesson is to treat others kindly. Most people, if not everyone is battling something. If we can do something (even in a small way) to help ease their burden…. it will go a very far.

Q: The challenges of being a single mother of 3 boys, professional and entrepreneur and juggling them all?

MF: My biggest challenge would be exactly that. Juggling it all one my own. There are days when it gets lonely being a mother alone. Much less professional and entrepreneur – having no one to share the financial responsibilities and offer emotional support.  It can get quite tough. But, with God’s grace and inner drive endowed to me, I never stay down very long. The same hope and vision that I work to develop in others, have already been developed in me. My belief in knowing that God is real and my trust in His Sovereignty give me firm balance in all that I encounter.

Q: What have you learnt to this date on parenting young sons?

MF: Children today are not the same as when I was growing up. They are growing up in a challenging climate with too many negative distractions and pitfalls. There is a greater need for guidance, training, mentorship and emotional support in this technological age. So much more to be said on this.

Q: Any advice for young people who are struggling to find their way?

My advice is to find positive influences in your life. Seek out mentorship from individuals who value character over material possessions. This world can get very uncertain and lonely at times, you need to have the right people around you to offer the support you need and who can help to steer you in the right direction.

Moy Fung is a Certified Coach Practitioner who works in Canada and the Caribbean presenting coaching strategies, workshops, speaking engagements and published work.  She is presently working on another book focused on the development of youth to be published in 2020.