Mrs. Money Baggs wants to be a billionaire

Nicolle Williams

Mrs. Money Baggs has made a lot of money since she created her first gig in Malvern. At five years of age, she picked flowers and sold them to her neighbours in Scarborough on their way home from work.

Since those early days as a entrepreneur, Mrs. Money Baggs (aka Nicolle Williams) has made a name for herself by knowing about money – how to make it, how to keep it and how to make a nest egg grow.

She earned the nickname of Mrs. Money Baggs, because, as she writes “my friends, colleagues, and clients all consider me the go-to person for all things personal finance.”

Williams was named as one of  “100 Black Women to Watch in Canada” and in 2016 was one of 150 black women who were featured by CBC in 2017. She is the host and creator of “Money Tube,” and is also the co-creator of “Money Boss Up,” a financial academy that works directly with millennials to push them to achieve their financial goals.

The Toronto-based financial advisor is also now an author. Last week, her first book Mrs. Money Baggs Presents: The Millennial Money Guide was released on-line and a print version will be available at the end of the month.  Book signings will begin soon.

“The launch went well. I hit Amazon’s bestseller in both Budgeting & Money Management and Financial Risk Management (on Day One), “ Williams told the Caribbean Camera.

“The book is aimed at millennials but can be read by anyone because the information is universal and a great foundational money guide.”

It took Williams  eight months to  write  the book.  It is written in a breezy style, free of jargon and, as she says. it is “super easy to understand.”

Because the millennial generation faces much different financial challenges than boomers, Mrs., Money Baggs has written an 84 page guide for young Canadians faced with constant changes in their work environment.  The gig economy, part-time and contract and benefit less jobs are all discussed in detail.  The watchword of the book?  Pay yourself first.

Williams is married, has children and is a much in demand mortgage agent.  Aside from wanting to help millennials obtain financial stability, she too has her own goal.

“I need to develop a plan and make it happen. We don’t stop until the goal is achieved. My ultimate long term goal is to be a billionaire”.

Mrs. Money Bagg’s new book invites readers to “join her” on this quest.