Naked female passenger “pleasantly” surprises Ja cabby


On one fateful night, 36-year-old taxi driver Omar aka Drankrow didn’t expect that he would be thrust into the middle of a domestic dispute when he was making his regular rounds on Old Harbour Road, St Catherine.

Omar, who has been a taxi driver for over 10 years, reported that he was in the process of dropping off a passenger when a naked woman carrying a bag full of clothes dashed into his car. According to Omar, after the lady placed the bag in the car she picked up a stone and threw it into a window on a house which he assumed was her lover’s.

“Mi a seh a wah gwaan yah suh? Memba mi cyaa left ennuh because her clothes dem in mi car, but mi waah move. The man come out and give her ’bout half-dozen lick wid a cutlass, and the woman determine and fling couple more stone inna di [house]. A fight dem mussi in deh a fight,” Omar recalled, still shocked at the memory.

After encouraging her to leave and go to the police station, Omar said she told him that they were fighting because of suspected infidelity.

“Mi carry har naked, seh she waah go a di police station. She seh him and her deh deh and mussi phone ring and she get upset and you know how woman tan already, but the yout short temper too ennuh,” he said.

That was not the only time he was caught in the middle of a lover’s spat. Omar admitted that he was very interested in one of his passengers romantically, and that interest almost caused a rift between him and a colleague, as the woman was his friend and fellow taxi driver’s partner.

“The catty pretty like a money, an’ mi a try draw fi her [but] mi never know seh a him and her a talk, you know. She come inna di car and seh mi mus’ drive; mi a seh mi nuh load yet, but she a insist. So mi throw in a couple [passengers] inna di car fast and drive out. Now, di man a call her, you know. But she nah answer because she wah go weh wid mi,” he stated, adding that after sometime she eventually answered the phone.

“She go tell him seh a my car she inna, mi nuh know how woman fool so. Yuh know seh, by the time mi a go up the road the man block the car wid fi him car, [and] jump out. Mi push my two hands out because mi think a shoot up now a go start a Old Harbour Road. Him jump out an’ seh, ‘Come outta di car.’ She a seh, ‘Mi nah come out.’ She turn to me an’ a seh ‘Drive nuh!’ Mi nuh know weh fi do because mi and the man a bredren ennuh. The man a seh come out and she nah come out,” Omar continued.

He said he reversed the vehicle, turned it around and started driving in the opposite direction but his friend was on his tail until he finally relented.

“Mi affi end up let her off because him nah ease up, him just a drive mi down. I laugh down the whole place,” Omar said, clearly still amused by the memory.