Naomi Osaka ready to play after giving birth to daughter

Naomi Osaka’s sights are set on the upcoming Australian Open as she eyes a remarkable comeback.

Naomi Osaka

The Japanese-Haitian-American tennis sensation, who took a break from the sport in September, has already begun her journey back to the tennis courts just weeks after giving birth to her daughter on July 12, 2023.

Demonstrating a determination to balance motherhood with her athletic career, Osaka has become an inspiring figure to fans worldwide. Sharing her postpartum training progress on social media, she has garnered widespread support and admiration for her commitment to her passions.

As her supporters eagerly await her return to professional play, her remarkable journey serves as a powerful example for aspiring athletes and new mothers alike.

A former world No. 1 in singles, Osaka, who holds the distinction of being the first Asian player to achieve this ranking, was spotted engaging in training drills at UCLA’s Drake Stadium.

Naomi Osaka

Osaka’s absence from the Australian Open earlier this year left fans wondering about the reason behind her withdrawal.

In an Instagram post, she revealed the news of her pregnancy and assured her supporters of her eventual return. Embracing the profound joys of life and appreciating every moment, she expressed her desire for her child to witness her matches and proudly say, “That’s my mom.”

Having secured two of her four Grand Slam titles at the Australian Open, including her most recent one in 2021, Osaka faced challenges in 2022 as she grappled with mental health issues, leading to a hiatus from the sport throughout the current season.

However, in a recent interview with Vogue, Osaka shared how the time away from the courts has fueled her motivation.

Excited about the opportunity to play again, she spoke candidly about the importance of taking a step back to truly appreciate tennis and expressed her eagerness to reconnect with

Naomi Osaka and her husband

fans, stating that the distancing enforced during the pandemic had a profound impact on her.

Currently ranked No. 439, Osaka is entitled to use her special ranking for three years under the WTA’s maternity leave policy, which grants players time to regain their form after returning from childbirth.

As the countdown begins for the next Australian Open, all eyes are on Naomi Osaka, anticipating her triumphant return and the resurgence of her exceptional tennis prowess on the court.