New group to help Dominica prepare for disaster

From Left: Harry Harahk (Caribbean North Charities Foundation, Francine Harris (Dominica Convent High School Alumni Association)Bishop Thomas Parillon,Jerry Grymek Discover Dominica, Pam Harahk (Caribbean North Charities Foundation), Apostle Lovelace St.John,Gideon Exeter (Canadian Caribbean Disaster Relief Action), and Frances Delsol Executive Director of SAFE-D (Canada).

A cross-section of Dominican-Canadians has launched the Security Awareness of Emergencies in Dominica to address disaster preparedness and relief for the Commonwealth of Dominica.  SAFE-D (Canada) group represents a non-partisan approach to disaster preparedness, according to the group’s Executive Director Frances Delsol.

“Regardless of your political affiliations, your religious affiliations, your personal affiliations, I think we can all understand that we need to put things aside when it comes to helping the land that gave us birth. We all have a responsibility to Dominica. I’m looking for Dominicans and friends of Dominica to assist us with rebuilding should that become necessary,” Delsol said in her remarks during the official launch of SAFE-D (Canada).

Delsol commended her fellow “diasporans” for responding wholeheartedly to Dominica’s aid after the passing of Tropical Storm Erika, and Hurricane Maria.  She explained that SAFE-D (Canada), focuses on taking a proactive approach to disaster preparedness.

Other guest speakers at the launch included Rahul Singh of Global Medic, Harry Harahk of Caribbean North Charities Foundation, Chairperson of the Caribbean Consular Corps Tania Lopez, Gideon Exeter of Canadian Caribbean Disaster Relief Action (CCadira) and Jerry Grymek of Discover Dominica.

SAFE-D (Canada), which consists of volunteers led by an Executive Committee, has been formally recognized by the Government of Dominica. The Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit wrote a letter of congratulations to the members of the new group, noting their aid in disaster preparedness will benefit all Dominicans.

SAFE-D (Canada) will operate with support from the Caribbean Consular Corps, and work with other disaster focused partner agencies such as Global Medic, Caribbean North Charities Foundation, and Canadian Caribbean Disaster Relief Action (CCadira) amongst others.