Grenada’s Prime Minister first visit to Canada

By Lincoln DePradine

Dickon Mitchell

Grenadian attorney-turn-politician, Dickon Mitchell, is about to make his first visit to Canada in his capacity as the country’s prime minister.

Mitchell, a corporate lawyer, led the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to a 9-6 general election victory in June last year, unseating the New National Party (NNP) that had won clean-sweep 15-0 national polls in 2013 and 2018.

The NNP is headed by 76-year-old Dr Keith Mitchell, five-time Prime Minister of Grenada and the country’s longest-serving parliamentarian.

The NDC’s parliamentary majority increased to 10 after Delma Thomas, who successfully retained her seat in the eastern Parish of St Andrew last year, resigned from the NNP on May 7, saying her continued membership in the party had become untenable.

Two weeks later, on May 21, Thomas announced at a public meeting that she was joining the NDC-led government, but saying she remained committed to working for the people of her constituency and Grenada.

“There are some relationships after 40 years you walk away because it’s not working out well,’’ Thomas said at her first parliamentary sitting as a member of the government side. “We tell our women when you are in an abusive relationship, where there are issues in the relationship and it cannot be resolved, you walk away.’’

Thomas, according to Prime Minister Mitchell, is someone who has had the courage to stand up and be different.

“The time has come for us to not waste our time destroying one another, pulling down one another, and spreading rumours about one another,’’ he said.

The prime minister will be here for a July 1 fundraising gala and dinner organized by the Support Group in Canada of his National Democratic Congress.

Organizers have promised a “great event’’ with the prime minister and a visiting delegation.

In addition to prime minister, Mitchell, 45, also is minister of national security; home affairs; infrastructure and physical development; public utilities; civil aviation; transportation; public administration; information; and disaster management.

He has said that he would like Grenadians in Canada and other Diaspora communities to play an “active’’ role in his government’s transformation plan, which includes providing “adequate access to quality healthcare’’ for its citizens.

As Mitchell put it, the “positive changes’’ that are envisaged for Grenada “will require every Grenadian, at home and abroad, to play an active part in nation-building.  I look forward to working with every Grenadian in the Diaspora, and friends of Grenada, to positively transform our beloved homeland and build the society we deserve’’.

The $250-ticketed gala with Prime Minister Mitchell will be held at Bellvue Manor, 8083 Jane Street, Concord, Ontario.

For more information, call 647-859-4142 or 416-876-3491.