New TV series on Black Canadian history in the works

To be aired on CBC in 2023

P.K. Subban

The history of Canada is about to be seen in a new way. This past  week, CBC announced that it has greenlit a new docuseries focusing on Black Canadian history. What’s more, some major names have already signed on.

Called Black Life: A Canadian History, the 8-part docuseries will cover some 400 years of Black history in the region (even before Canada became Canada). While the series will focus on the contributions that Black Canadians have made over the centuries, it will also provide an examination of the idea of ‘Canada as sanctuary’. Basically, it’s going to show both the good and bad sides of the country over the years.

Behind the series is show-runner Leslie Norville, whose work has already been featured on the CBC and at festivals like SXSW. She will be joined by a who’s who of prominent Canadians and figures, ranging from NHL star P.K. Subban (executive producer) to Black Lives Matter Canada co-founder Sandy Hudson (co-executive producer). Meanwhile, each of the 8 episodes we be directed by a different Black Canadian director, ensuring a diverse approach to the series.


Sandy Hudson

There are a lot to look forward to. The only drawback is the timeline. Due to the scope of the project, it won’t be ready for airing on CBC or CBC Gem until 2023.