Niagara Falls announces Caribbean-style parade

Niagara Falls parade

By Stephen Weir

Carifalls and Multicultural Carnival and Parade set for 26th August

Niagara Falls, renowned for its breathtaking beauty, surprised residents and tourists alike this week with an early announcement about a Caribbean style parade set to take place on the Canadian side of the falls on August 26th. Despite the premature announcement, anticipation and excitement are growing among those preparing for the free Carifalls and Multicultural Carnival and Parade.

Dubbed CariFalls, this multicultural extravaganza promises to showcase the rich tapestry of Caribbean, Latin, Central, South and North American, Brazilian, and Bahamian cultures. Queen Street will be transformed into a vibrant hub, featuring displays of traditional craftsmanship and elaborate, embellished costumes. As the walking parade progresses, cultural music and chants will fill the streets, immersing attendees in a truly worldly experience.

After the parade, attendees will head to a fenced event space, where an impressive lineup of international, national, and local artists will take the stage for live performances. To cap off the evening, a spectacular fireworks display will light up the night sky above the park at 10pm.