Nicki Minaj’s Manchester concert derailed by Amsterdam arrest

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s Manchester concert at Co-op Live was abruptly canceled after her arrest in Amsterdam, leaving thousands of fans frustrated and disappointed. Minaj, suspected of drug-related charges, was fined 350 euros before continuing her journey, missing her scheduled performance.

Imogen Pope and Ellis Day, among the attendees, expressed anger and devastation after spending money and time preparing for the event. Fans were hopeful until the last moment, but the announcement of the postponement, made just after the expected stage time, left them disheartened.

Kian Young, who traveled from Lincolnshire, questioned why no official statement was issued earlier, expressing confusion and disappointment over the lack of communication from the arena. The incident added to the challenges faced by the new arena, which had encountered previous cancellations due to technical issues.

Olivia Gibson, now an “ex fan,” criticized Minaj’s tardiness and suggested she should have allowed more travel time. Others, like Anna from Poland, were left disheartened after spending a significant sum on the trip.

Minaj, apologizing to fans on social media, expressed disappointment at being unable to perform and promised a rescheduled date with an “added bonus” for ticket holders. Despite the setback, promoters Live Nation assured fans that tickets would remain valid for the rescheduled event, expressing regret over the inconvenience caused.

Minaj’s arrest, partially captured in a video she shared online, depicted her disagreement with authorities over the allegations. She criticized the handling of her arrest, alleging mistreatment and highlighting the legality of cannabis in Amsterdam.

Dutch prosecutors claimed Minaj was carrying cannabis, but she attributed it to her security guard. The incident highlighted the contrasting drug laws in the Netherlands, where possession of small amounts of some drugs is tolerated.

In a statement, Live Nation announced the postponement of Minaj’s concert, promising to announce a rescheduled date soon. Co-op Live echoed the sentiment, expressing disappointment over the cancellation and assuring fans that tickets would remain valid for the new date.