No illegal drugs found but grandfather detained at airport for four days

Surijpaul Deokeran (Right)

After being detained at Toronto International airport for four days, a 60-year old grandfather from Guyana, suspected of having illegal drugs in his possession, was finally released last week without any charges being laid against him.

No illegal drugs were found.

And now his family is  looking at their ” legal options ”

Surijpaul Deokeran, a permanent resident of Canada who has four children and five grandchildren, told The Caribbean  Camera that when he arrived back in  Toronto two Mondays ago, he was accused by officials at the airport of having illegal drugs.

Deokeran  who said he had open- heart surgery two years ago, denied having any drugs “except his prescribed medicines.

“They searched my luggage and although they found no illegal drugs, I was kept in detention..They didn’t give me  my medication for three days. They didn’t let me go and have a bath. And when I  tried to get some sleep at night on a steel table, they kept banging the door.”

His daughter, Rose, a Canadian citizen who lives in Toronto, said that after her father had been in  detention for several days, she contacted a lawyer.

The lawyer, Leora Shemish, told The Caribbean Camera that she  had spoken to a judge ” about  Deokaran’s detention.

” I got on the phone with  a  judge on Thursday and I was planning to bring an emergency motion the following morning. But by then he was released.”

“It’s unfortunate the court didn’t get to weigh in on what had taken place and provide a ruling as to what had gone wrong in this case,” said Shemesh.

She said she believes  Deokeran’s constitutional rights were fundamentally violated.

Shemish explained that she is a criminal lawyer  “and I do not do any civil work.

” But I have advised the family to get a civil lawyer and sue those  who  are responsible for him being unlawfully detained.”

Rose Deokeran said the family is consulting a lawyer about their father’s detention.