No music policy at CPL cricket draws ridicule and scorn

Caribbean Premier League

The news that there will be no music at the CPL T20 games this year has been met with heavy criticism from the people of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Fans have taken to the airwaves, and social media to vent their frustration of the implications that this restriction will have not only on the CPL experience but on the entertainers who got vaccinated specifically to ply their trade at the event that has been advertised as a vaccinated- only event.

Reactions ranged from serious to sarcastic, to angry, to total bewilderment.

One person posted: “So why not just tell the people to stay home? Remember there are millions of people watching this across the world. No one wants to tune in to see a bunch of lifeless people sitting in the stands with no music.”

Another accused the government of not caring about members of the creative industry and posted: “ Once again it’s clear that the government isn’t for the entertainers and we would hope that they remember they didn’t support us when it comes to the next election because we won’t forget.”

Keeping in line with the cry for entertainers, another person said “The decision to have no musical entertainment at CPL was an unfair one to the entertainers. There are entertainers who took the vaccine to first protect themselves and also to be able to get jobs and that has not happened. CPL is a fully vaccinated event and to decide to cut the entertainers out of being able to make money from such a major event which was heavily invested on by our country is sending a wrong message to the entertainers.

“Vaccinated entertainers should have been able to make some sort of income from this event. The entertainment ship has been taking on water since the start of the pandemic with no sort of assistance. Now the opportunity has come for vaccinated entertainers to make a few dollars they have been cut out, The ship is barely above water now.”

Meanwhile, there are others who are in disbelief. “It’s shocking for sure” one commenter posted. “…gotta be something we misunderstanding ….but then again, who are we? I’m tired of trying to figure out the whole situation of the pandemic, vaccine and entertainment thing….nothing making sense anymore….so I guess it’s up to the individual supporters to support their interests.”

Without an acceptable explanation as to the correlation between music and COVID-19, many persons chose sarcasm to explain what is happening.

“They making it seem like you can catch COVID by listening to music.”

“If the music is too loud you won’t hear the virus coming.”

And of course, the prayer meeting jokes continued.

One person posted “Shhhh…prayer meeting in progress!”

“They need to move the games to the Cemetery at least they can have some music!”

At one point during the first match last Thursday between the Guyana Amazon Warriors and the Trinbago Knight Riders, the commentator could be heard inquiring about the music.

In response, someone posted “The commentator begging for the music at CPL…Timo, tell them police to let the music play.”

The reality that ‘Cricket Played Louder’ and ‘The greatest party in sports’ no longer refer to CPL 2021 has essentially been summed up by one person in one word: