No secrets in novelist’s fictional Chance

A first time novel writer of Trinidadian heritage is among the line-up for this year’s Spur Festival Toronto scheduled for April 9 -12 under the theme Alone, Together.

Sabrina Ramnanan’s novel transports readers to the small fictional village called Chance, Trinidad, where everyone knows everyone, gossip travels faster than hurricane rain and a secret is never just a secret.

Nothing Like Love is her first work of fiction and will be available on bookstore shelves this month.

Ramnanan was quoted by the CBC as saying the book is not autobiographical and was inspired from her childhood trips to the country of her parents, Trinidad and Tobago.

Spur is a national festival of politics, art and ideas. Spur provides an opportunity for people to debate topics or issues that may be provocative, informative, infuriating or just plain fun.

Organizers want to explore what would make this a better city, country or world in which to live. Too often, political or journalistic dialogue is about what divides us, focusing on what is wrong, they say. Spur thinks big about what is possible.

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