N.S. power company fuels Black and Indigenous entrepreneurship

Emera, the parent company of Nova Scotia Power, is amplifying its commitment to Tribe Network, a community organization dedicated to empowering Black and Indigenous entrepreneurship. Over the next three years, Emera will contribute $500,000, bringing their total support to Tribe Network to $800,000 since 2021.

Alfred Burgesson

Tribe Network, headquartered in downtown Halifax, specializes in providing mentorship and coaching to entrepreneurs of color. Alfred Burgesson, founder and CEO of Tribe Network, emphasized the significance of access to experienced mentors and coaches, citing its absence in his own entrepreneurial journey. Now, Tribe Network offers these vital services to its clients, ensuring a strong start and increased chances of success.

Tiffani Young, CEO of Natural Butter Bar, a Dartmouth-based company specializing in natural hair and skin care products, expressed gratitude for the unwavering support she received from Tribe Network. The organization connected her with mentors and coaches, helping her develop strategies and navigate the business landscape. With Tribe’s assistance, Young was able to access courses and secure grants, playing a pivotal role in the establishment and growth of her business.

Tiffani Young

For Kendall Darling, the founder of Pilot X, a transportation business linking users to on-demand drivers and local moving companies, Tribe Network has been instrumental in fostering connections within the Black and racialized business community across Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. Darling highlighted the value of having an advisor or coach to discuss business challenges, significantly reducing the issues encountered by Pilot X.

Overall, Emera’s continued support is not only a financial boost for Tribe Network but also contributes to the success stories of entrepreneurs like Alfred Burgesson, Tiffani Young, and Kendall Darling, who are making significant strides in their respective industries with the guidance and assistance provided by Tribe Network.