Oakwood Wesleyan Church mourns the passing of Pastor Ira Taylor  

By Lincoln DePradine

Pastor Ira Moulton Taylor

Dr Ira Moulton Taylor spent several decades pastoring in various places, from Antigua and Trinidad in the Caribbean to Toronto and Maryland in North America. He died December 29 in Toronto, two days short of his 101st birthday.

However, those who knew Taylor – a national of St Kitts & Nevis – describe him as more than a pastor.

“Dr Taylor was an exemplary leader and inspirational mentor and role model to many youth,’’ educator Paul Junor said in social media tribute. “As a minister of religion, he distinguished himself on many levels. He was known as a scholarly and seasoned Bible expositor, preacher and teacher. His eloquent diction and erudite presentation were captivating, empowering and inspiring.’’

Taylor, born in the Nevisian capital, Charlestown, was one of four siblings.

He is best remembered in Toronto for his pastoral work at Oakwood Wesleyan Church.

The church, according to Junor, was “a place where there was a strong sense of belonging, connection, love, caring, support and empowerment’’.

In the words of Junor, “we – who were influenced by (Taylor’s) godly leadership, ethical guidance and moral influence – are forever grateful. May his godly and spiritual legacy continue to inspire us to excel, thrive and flourish’’.