Obama will speak on the Future of Work in Toronto on January 23rd

President Barack Obama

The CEO and owner of The Economic Club of Canada, Rhiannon Rosalind is launching a powerful new 4-part event series to explore the Future of Work & The New Economy.

By bringing together powerful thinkers and global business leaders, these events are designed to create equal space for all and inspire new ways of thinking about our society, economy, and the way we work.

Determined to make a difference, Rhiannon took over The Economic Club of Canada almost a decade ago, in 2011, to help change the mindset surrounding our workforce and to promote equality, inclusion and the voices of multiple generations. Since then, she has also been serving as the Founder of The Jr. Economic Club of Canada and CEO & Co-Founder of The Global Institute for Conscious Economics (GICE). Her belief is that by including all Canadians in this conversation, we can not only transform just us but also change the way we do business. By incorporating youth into these events, we are breaking down the barrier between the current and future workforce.

Rhiannon Rosalind

The first event of this ground-breaking series will be held on January 23rd, 2020 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with President Barack Obama as the honorary speaker. Keeping with Rhiannon’s goal of empowering and providing access to youth, the audience ratio at the event will be 1:1 – for every business leader, executive, educator, or political leader in the audience, there will be one young person present at no cost to them.

The 1:1 audience ratio will also ensure that youth are included and able to experience and network with current leaders, politicians, executives, etc.

These youth will be of diverse socioeconomic, ethnic and experiential backgrounds, aged 30 years or younger. By bringing unlikely groups around the same table, the event inspires changing conversations and provides access to those who need it.

In a segment of the program, Rhiannon Rosalind will explain the impacts of an event series such as this on the upcoming leaders of the world—our youth—and provide further insight as to how The Economic Club of Canada is changing the landscape of the global workforce through initiatives like these.

Here the attendees will hear more about What the new Future of Work series is and how it strives to open doors for youth.

For more information on Rhiannon Rosalind, Economic Club of Canada please visit www.economicclub.ca. To purchase tickets for the event, visit the Economic Club of Canada website or go to www.eblast.transmitterstudios.com/t/ViewEmail/y/AD44A207E99B634.

Where to find Rosalind (https://www.rhiannonrosalind.ca) and learn more about The Economic Club of Canada (https://economicclub.ca/home/)