OCPA Launches Calypso Season with ‘Fun Raising’ Brunch

By Stephen Weir

The Organization of Calypso Performing Artistes (OCPA) is kicking off the 2024 summer carnival season with a delectable meal and captivating live music to complement the feast. It all begins at noon on Sunday, May 19th, at Scarborough’s Spade Bar & Lounge and Calypso bar located at 3580 McNicoll Avenue.

Henry (King Cosmos) Gomez and Roger Gibbs

OCPA’s second annual “Fun Raising” Brunch will be hosted at an establishment renowned for its Caribbean cuisine and passion for live Calypso music. The $35 meal will be served from 12 pm to 3 pm.

The official launch will take place a month after this week’s Brunch. OCPA performers will be part of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival Festival Launch on June 15th at the Scarborough Town Center.

Earlier this week, OCPA distributed a poster detailing all the events the Calypsonians plan to host this summer. This poster includes all ten events scheduled by OCPA and is expected to be posted online on the OCPA website.