Oliver Samuels and Volier ‘Maffy’ Johnson bring ‘Frenemy’ to Toronto

Oliver Samuels and Volier ‘Maffy’ Johnson

After a successful run in Jamaica, comedians Oliver Samuels and Volier ‘Maffy’ Johnson  are coming  to Toronto with the brand new play, Frenemy.

The show will be held over three days starting  on Friday night (May 11)  in Brampton at Speranza Banquet Hall. On Saturday and Sunday (May 12 and 13),  the action moves east to the Metropolitan Centre on Finch just west of Kennedy Road in Scarborough.

Staged by Ebony Niles Ventures along with Jeanie’s Market & Bakery, the  show  is expected to provide ” a bellyfull of laughter.”

As  the  organizers  note,  ” that  bellyfull of laughter was often produced by the legendary duo simply known as ‘Oliver and Maffy’ That laughter, that history, has now repeated itself  with the return of the two greats to stage in Frenemy written by Samuels.”

The  organizers  recall  that during the late ’80s, the most dominant form of entertainment in any genre in Jamaica was the Oliver at Large series, starring  Oliver Samuels, which, “literally, left Jamaica’s streets empty as nearly everyone was glued to their television set to laugh like they never laughed before and perhaps haven’t laughed like that since.

“Frenemy proves that history can repeat itself, Oliver Samuels has shown that it is possible.”

Other members of the cast are the international recording star, Audrey ‘Dancehall Queen’ Reid, in the lead female role and supporting actor, Dennis Titus, whose credits include movies and the London theatre houses.