On looking to the future in hindsight

By Gerald V. Paul

James Bond
James Bond

Eyesers, while the APNU / AFC – more like the Alliance – cover for the old People’s National Congress, PNC, the majority in the APNU mix were doing their Toronto  hook-up, whispering sweet nothings at Elite Banquet Hall recently, their comrade in arms James Bond (not the white spy) called the educated children on the PPP candidate list “vampires” and “centipedes.”

Bond, the son of a preacher man, posted a photo on Facebook wearing a T-shirt with Burnham’s photo on it. Pray, tell did Brother Bond miss the PNC’s Hoyte’s memo: “Mo’ fiya. Slo’fiya.” Mek country  ungovernable.”

And who let de dogs out, oops, let loose the dogs of war? By the way, Granger, who were the dogs of war?

Granger said in Toronto, “I have not killed anyone.” But he was with the Dictator Burnham as a foot soldier, oops, like a boss. But he nah see. He nah hear. He nah speak.

Say wah? Wait for the book?

Writing about the “Jewish Question” Nazi Dictator Adolph Hitler identified them as “Radical Tuberculosis “and called for “Aliens Law.” And the rest is history – six million Jews wiped from the Earth. And the Jews say: Never Again.

Guyana’s history includes the thousands of innocent souls from MacKenzie / Wismar, now Linden, named after Burnham, some floating in the river, some running broken physically and emotionally to the East Coast of Demerara and other places and some who could not run at all, including babies in their mother’s wombs.

Why? Just because they were different. No one called for establishment of monuments or for justice. Prayers.

It seems Bond may have failed in being enlightened in the cold, hard reality of the past. Bond’s desire is for young people to vote like a boss. No, dearly beloved young people, vote like servant leaders, building our beautiful Guyana.

As Bond is embracing Burnham, Granger is seeking to distance himself from the Dictator Burnham as in “I am not Burnham”, the rigger of elections. But the Cuffy Dollar question is: Mr. Granger, are you embracing Burnham’s PNC Party? Were there rigged elections and dictatorship in Guyana? Therein lies the wolf in sheep’s clothing, Granger.

As for Nagamootoo? Trust him once, twice, as he is sleeping with the PNC’s Granger? Then I have the Demerara Bridge to sell allyuh: cheap, cheap.

Ah, Nagamootoo, the lust for power! What would a man do fuh eat some food? Nagamootoo, like Judas sold his soul for filthy lucre. Shame!

Give up his ideals and principles, all that he struggled and fought for? Only to go down in the annals of Guyana’s history as the one who promised Granger 11% of the East Indian vote to the PNC / APNU so the PPP will be voted out of office.

Granger, who cannot look the past in the face, is now a yes man during the campaign and wants to talk about the future. But what is Guyana’s future?

Meet Clinton Urling, former chairman of Blue Caps and president of Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who is on the PPP’s list of candidates.

A young African, Curling is a successful businessman who said, “I believe that the PPP is the party of the future and it is more likely to include young people. I think they are better suited for Guyana’s economic advancement.” Yes, Guyana’s future is in good hands as Urling is doing it like a servant leader.

Guyana’s future? Former president Bharrat Jagdeo said the Amaila Falls Project will come on stream, bringing down the cost of electricity and spring-boarding development in the manufacturing sector.

This, he said, will result in creation of thousands of jobs, raising the standard of living of Guyanese with the discovery of oil and gas.

Guyana’s future through the eyes of the PNC / APNU / AFC Opposition? “In terms of plans, president Ramotar said, “They have no consistency, no vision and developmental plans for our future.”

When it came to records, his government has one that it is proud of. “Our record could stand but theirs is so poor that they don’t have a history they can talk of.”

The PNC / APNU / AFC’s Bond needs some Sunday school lessons from former U.S. president Jimmy Carter when he comes to Guyana as an election monitor to ensure continued freedom and democracy – after 28 years of Burnham / Hoyte  PNC rigged elections and dictatorship.

According to Ramotar the coming election is about the ability to push the country forward.

But as we go forward, Eyesers, we have to know our past in light of our present. Failure not to do so will give rise to individuals like Bond, calling his fellow Guyanese “vampires” and “centipedes”.

Gerald V. Paul
Gerald V. Paul