On The Road Again


On The Road Again

Anthony Joseph


August 6. 2020

Dear Readers,

Since March 19, 2020,  as a result of the health risk caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have produced only an Epaper which we send out electronically every Thursday

 We are determined not to let the virus still  our voices and we are proud to note that despite the problems which we have been experiencing,  we have never missed a single edition and  a growing number of our readers have been keeping abreast of the news in our community and beyond through the Epaper.

We have had frequent calls from readers in Trinidad, Guyana, Grenada and Jamaica who are anxious to hear the latest news from our community – news which they will not usually receive from the mainstream media. Only yesterday, we heard from a gentleman in Africa, a former resident of Toronto, who was happy to receive his free emailed copies of The Caribbean Camera.

We hope to reach more than 100,000 readers with our Epaper by next year. You too receive a weekly copy of the  Epaper by sending your email address to editorial@gmail.com

Encouraged by the feedback which we are receiving, we are also looking forward to getting  The Caribbean Camera  in its printed form, back at the regular outlets in the Greater  Toronto Area which have now reopened  for business.

We are happy to announce that the printed edition of the The Caribbean Camera will be available at the regular outlets as from August 13.

Best wishes to all our readers and advertisers.

Thanks again  for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Joseph