One Love Nation Inc. committed to Caribbean music’s global growth

Eb “Mr Ceqsi” Reinbergs

One Love Nation Inc. was formed as an extension and natural progression of One Love Festival Inc. which produces Toronto’s highly regarded ‘One Love Festival’, an annual affair which was considered one of North America’s largest Caribbean music festivals in 2019 and put various Soca, Reggae and Dancehall artistes on full display.

The main players of One Love Nation Inc. are co-founders Eb “Mr Ceqsi” Reinbergs, a music attorney and executive of 20 years and Peter Maika, an entrepreneur and music executive.

With the general pause of live events and festivals due to Covid 19 came an opportunity for the principals at One Love Nation Inc. to reflect on ways which they could still add value to the Caribbean community and empower its artistes (many of whom were adversely affected by the pandemic).

Regarding his evolution from festival producer to record label boss, Reinbergs shared, “As music is the central focus of what we do, we embarked on a project to connect popular Soca and Reggae artistes and produce a song where profits would go towards pandemic relief.

This resulted in the song ‘One Love’ which we expect to release shortly. Continuing our movement in that direction, I decided to invest in new acts that we could also help develop through our festival business and industry connections.”

The label is currently building a strong niche in Soca music and has already signed and released music projects from Trinidadian-Canadian Soca crooner Miguel Maestre with an album from the artiste due out in Fall of 2021.

The team endeavours to develop new acts in this genre and help them achieve the breakthrough which has already been experienced by Reggae/Dancehall acts via strategic collaboration.

Reinbergs who also has a history of being an artiste himself understands the industry from many different points of view and further stated, “In light of our goal to expand Soca and Caribbean music and to further introduce it to the world, we look forward to signing international artistes that will perform in this genre. Those artists may be from the region, diaspora or located anywhere else in the world. This is the open minded and global perspective we are taking.”

In addition, to releasing more music from Miguel Maestre, One Love Nation Inc. will soon unveil the aforementioned multi-genre, Covid-relief collaboration song ‘One Love’ and has plans to launch various tracks surrounding upcoming Caribbean festival seasons as well as indigenous Caribbean Christmas music.

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