Pakistan’s HUM Awards 2022 returns to Canada


Pakistan’s biggest television entertainment awards show, HUM Awards, featuring the country’s megastars and performances by the heartthrobs of the country, will be held at the First Ontario Centre, Canada, on September 24, 2022. The annual awards ceremony is one of the major attractions of South Asia’s entertainment landscape due to the immense popularity of HUM TV’s television serials and the actors associated with the serials in the region and Urdu/Hindi-speaking communities worldwide.

The 8th HUM Awards promises to be bigger and better, showcasing the finest of the fraternity’s glitz and glamour to nominees with awe-inspiring performances.  HUM will be showcasing Pakistan’s prominent celebrities, actors, musicians, dancers, and performances on Saturday, September 24th, 2022, at the First Ontario Centre in Hamilton, Ontario.

What makes this year’s event even more special is that the awards ceremony is being held after a lapse of two years due to the Covid-19 lockdown worldwide, thus making the 8th edition of the awards one of the highly anticipated events for the community.

HUM Awards is Pakistan’s only entertainment show held outside Pakistan. The overwhelming response to the awards show hosted in UAE, USA, and of course, Canada is indicative of HUM’s phenomenal global reach and success.

This has marked a significant place for the Pakistani entertainment industry on the global stage. Living up to its reputation, this year also promises to be a star-studded extravaganza with the best of the best of the industry competing in various award categories and top-rated actors and musicians lighting up the stage with entertaining performances making this year’s ceremony even more glamorous.

The awards ceremony acknowledges and honours the contributions and achievements of actors, singers, writers, directors, and producers associated with the HUM Network productions. The ceremony will include special segments to honour all those who have played a vital role in shaping the entertainment landscape of Pakistan.


Canada, particularly the GTHA, is home to hundreds and thousands of South Asians waiting to partake in this year’s HUM Awards. Speaking about the show, Duraid Qureshi, CEO of HUM Network, said, “South Asians worldwide are integral to HUM TV’s global success, and it is a privilege for us to extend them the reach to connect with their favourite celebrities. Having experienced the Canadian South Asian diaspora’s love, we were compelled to bring the HUM Awards to Canada again. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the Canadian authorities for their support in organizing such a large-scale event.”

Maimona Siddiqui, Chief Content Officer of HUM Network, added, “We are thrilled to return to Canada for the 8th HUM Awards. This year’s award competition will be thrilling since scores of outstanding projects brought forward spectacular performances watched and loved the world over. It will be interesting to see which project bags the most awards. Undoubtedly, this promises to be a night packed with star-studded glamour and entertainment. See you all on September 24, 2022!”

“It is an honour to host HUM Awards again this year. It is one of the most anticipated events for our vibrant South Asian community. I am particularly grateful to all levels of the government for their support in bringing this event to life. A project of this scale entails tremendous planning and hard work, which I am privileged to lead alongside a dedicated team, a fleet of volunteers, and the local community. Together, we will make this happen – once again”, said Syed Zia Mashhadi, CEO of Digital Media Limited.