Pan Fantasy wins again at Pan Alive

Arranger Al Foster (left) with trophy and leader Wendy Jones (third from left) in front row. Photo by Ned Blair

After  winning the  Ontario Steelpan Association ‘s Pan Alive competition for last six  years in a row, Pan Fantasy, led by  Wendy Jones, was adjudged  winner of the 2018 competition held last Friday at  Lamport Stadium in Toronto.

Pan  Fantasy, playing Hulk, was one of eleven steelbands which took part in the competition which was fraught with a great deal of controversy.

Just days before Pan Alive was due to be held, there was considerable  doubt whether the event would  take place.

At  one stage, no  one from the  Ontario SteelpanAssociation  would confirm or deny the widespread rumours  that the competition  was called  off.

As one  Steelpan Association  official put it,”  the competition  was off, then it was on again, then there was some talk that there would be no competition this year.

“But in  spite  of  all  the doubt and uncertainly as to whether there would be a competition, many pan lover never withdrew their support  for the event and for that we  are thankful.”

Pan Masters with a jumpy version of Get Something and Wave, placed second in  the  competition while Afropan, Toronto’s oldest steelband, playing Sweet  Fuh Days placed third.

The  following are the official results  of  the competition: