Pan Fantasy’s win was historic but tainted

Letter to the editor

Pan Fantasy’s win was historic but tainted

Pan Fantasy in action

I have been attending the Pan Alive competition for the past ten years and have at various times participated in the event. I must therefore congratulate OSA for putting on a fantastic show which is not, however reflected in audience support.

Congratulations to Pan Fantasy for their dominance in this competition. I am told that they have won nine consecutive events. This is unique in the pan fraternity. Kudos must also be extended to the arranger for accomplishing this unique feat. This is an international first for not even Dr. Jit Samaroo or Dr. L. Sharpe accomplished this.

I have never seen a score sheet from Pan Alive but will assume that points are given for a) Arrangement, b) Performance, c) Tone of instrument and d) Rhythm. These categories are in turn subdivided and each judge comments on the score he/she gave.

I am not a judge but can appreciate good music when I hear it. Tonal quality, motivic development, harmonies within the music as well as counter melodies. If these criteria were used I find it difficult to reconcile the placing of the bands with the music I heard!

If OSA were to continue with this type of judging, audience participation at the turnstiles may decrease. To counter this, I am proposing that paying customers get to cast a vote via their ticket stub for “People’s Choice”. Let’s see if the voice(s) of the people agree with the judges.

Selwyn Lloyd, Brampton and Trinidad and Tobago