Community Comes Together for Blind Birthday Telethon

A unique celebration takes place as Trinidad and Tobago’s own Panman Pat marks his 79th birthday this Sunday, from 3 to 6 PM, a with a heartfelt and vibrant event aimed not only at celebration but also at giving back. The Blind Birthday Telethon, a blend of festivity and philanthropy, is set to broadcast live, engaging audiences in an act of communal support and generosity.

Patrick McNeilly (Panman Pat)

The telethon, hosted at the Consulate on Trinidad and Tobago soil, promises a spontaneous program, rich with musical interludes and featuring local luminaries. Pat, a National Republic Awardee, expresses his gratitude towards the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for backing this noble cause. “It’s all about bringing joy and making a difference,” Pat shared. “I am excited to be surrounded by my talented friends and supporters who make this event possible.”

Among the special guests are cultural icons like Dr. Itah Sadu and Harold Hosein, who are expected to lend their voices to the cause. The event will also enjoy the musical prowess of Lingo, Shortpants, and a host of others from Pat’s cherished circle, all broadcasting their segments live on Talk City Radio’s Sunday program from 1 to 5 PM on 91.1 FM and via the Simple Radio app.

Dr Rita Cox

Handling the crucial tasks of donation management are Angela Pierre and the dynamic duo, DJ Stretch and DJ Sookie, ensuring a smooth operation as contributions pour in. The telethon will see live updates and a special segment streamed to Facebook at 4 PM, coordinated by Colleen Trotman.

The spirit of giving will be underscored by Pat’s commitment to the School for Blind Children located in Five Rivers Arouca. “By next week, I hope to be picking out musical instruments to donate to these inspiring young learners,” Pat explained, detailing his plans to enhance their educational resources through the generous donations collected during the telethon.

Tracey Ramsubagh-Mannette

In true celebratory style, Panman Pat’s recording manager, Dan, hinted at an exciting release during the event. “We’re dropping a new tune titled ‘Bacchanal’ on the local Dish Label. It’s something to really look forward to,” he teased.

As the community comes together to support one of their own, Pat remains humble and full of thanks. “This event isn’t just for me; it’s for us all to give back and uplift those in need,” he reflected. Contributions can be made via e-transfer to, with oversight provided by Dr. Cox, who will act as trustee, ensuring transparency and trust throughout the process.


Itah Sadu

With no formal committee behind it, the Blind Birthday Telethon is a testament to what can be achieved through sheer will and community spirit. As Pat puts it, “We’re here to celebrate, help, and enjoy the journey together. Let’s make this birthday one for the books.”

For those wishing to contribute or get involved, please contact Panman Pat at 416-358-8621. Join in, make a difference, and be part of a celebration that promises to be as impactful as it is joyous.