Panman Pat elected president of the Organization for Calypso Performing Artiste

Pat McNeilly

OCPA appointed its new Board at the organization’s annual general meeting, which was held at end of 2019. The positions will be held up fall of 2021.

The new President is none other than Pat “Panman Pat” McNeilly; the Secretary is Colleen Trotman; Treasurer is Tara Gonzalves, and Ossie Gurley is the Events and Program Development. McNeilly replaces Eulith Woods (Calypsonian Macomere Fifi), who held the position to end of 2019.

Panman Pat, who is a founding member of OCPA, is serving as president  for the  fourth time, and as a performing member, he has won the Calypso Monarch competition on two occasions.

OCPA was founded in 1981 by Oswald (Jamesy) James, Ian Jones, Henry (King Cosmos) Gomez and Panman Pat following an initiative by Selwyn Woods who had promoted the first Calypso Competition in Toronto.

Born out of competition, OCPA has not had a contest since 2016 and is committed to bringing back Calypso/Soca competitions to Toronto this year; it will soon unveil plans for the 40th Anniversary Celebration for next year.

In 2020 the Calypso tent series will be back in full swing as well as Festival Sunday presentation at Harbourfront. OCPA promises an exciting summer of competitions in both Calypso and and Soca.

OCPA has plans to foster partnerships with both the Steelpan and Mas community as well as with other community groups like Pass The Torch. It will also strenghten its relationship with FMC and look forward to their continued support in the future.