Peel District School Board embraces Afrofuturism

Peel District School Board (PDSB) is embracing the spirit of Black History Month 2024 with  the theme -Afrofuturism: Examine the Past, Question the Present, and Imagine the Future.


Afrofuturism image provided by a Grade 5 Parkway Public School student

Afrofuturism, as defined by the Smithsonian Magazine, is a movement that explores Black identity, agency, and freedom through various forms of art, creative expression, and activism, envisioning liberated futures for Black life.

This year’s theme provides students, staff, and families with a platform to delve into the rich tapestry of Black history, honoring the legacy of Black Canadians and communities worldwide.

PDSB aims to foster an understanding of Afrofuturism, offering opportunities to explore the past, present, and future significance of Black culture and its contributions to society.

Throughout Black History Month, schools across the Peel District will engage in a range of activities recognizing and celebrating the heritage, history, culture, and contributions of Black Canadians and global Black communities. From science to sports, education to the arts, PDSB acknowledges the outstanding achievements of Black Canadians in all areas of Canadian life.

PDSB is also pioneering the introduction of the African Canadian Diasporic History AP Seminar Course, a joint effort with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), exploring the African diaspora’s migration to Canada and its global impact.

The PDSB notes that the inclusion of over 120 Black Student Associations and nearly 70 Black Parent Advisories across PDSB schools underscores the board’s commitment to creating inclusive and culturally responsive environments.

Lisa Hart, Superintendent of Equity, Indigenous Education, School Engagement, and Community Relations, points out that PDSB’ s work is grounded in an ethic of care that celebrates Black excellence year-round.