Peel ‘social justice champion’ remembered

Kola Iluyomade

Kola Iluyomade, born June 11, 1965, was 56 when he died on Thursday, June 24. Of Nigerian ancestry, Iluyomade leaves behind a wife and two sons.

Iluyomade, a parent, community leader and activist, was a founding member of Advocacy Peel, which describes itself as a grassroots multicultural organization led by parents that was founded in response to the “discrimination, pain and suffering” of children of African descent who attend schools in the Peel District School Board (PDSB). He was a child and youth advocate.

Kathy McDonald, trustee for the Peel District School Board representing Brampton’s Wards 3 and 4, said Iluyomade made a real difference.

“Not only the Black community, but also the Peel Region lost a true social justice champion. Kola was unapologetically African and he fought tirelessly for individuals and the system to recognize and see the humanity in African, Black and Caribbean children,” she said.

Iluyomade had just been hired as a graduation coach by the board but died before he started the job.

Politicians, friends and allies say Iluyomade worked to disrupt systemic anti-Black racism in the education system. His advocacy took the form of speaking at board meetings, going to protests, marching in the streets, doing committee work and writing letters to push for change. He would also speak at rallies and community events. They say he would hold child welfare, policing, the courts and unions accountable.

“He held everyone to account when you harmed Black children. It’s not ironic that he fell ill when actually fighting for and advocating for Black children. That was his life’s work. He will be well missed,” McDonald said.

“He was at all tables, advocating for change,” she added.

Idris Orughu, a community organizer, said Iluyomade was a “consummate” activist.

“Kola was a fearless fighter. His voice was loud. He was a mirror to all of us. It didn’t matter if you were Black or white. If you were on the side of the oppressors, he would call you out,” Orughu said. “He didn’t pick sides. He only stood for the truth. There were quite some people who thought he was controversial, but I knew he wasn’t.”

Orughu said Advocacy Peel worked to have the Student Resource Officer program in Peel schools dismantled. The program put uniformed police officers in school. It was cancelled in November 2020.