People get ready for the 9th annual Toronto Underground Freedom Train Ride

Waiting to board the Freedom train

The Underground Freedom Train Ride is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the importance of the Emancipation Day declaration on August 1st.

The virtual train ride will start at 10:45 PM on Saturday, July 31st and will end on Emancipation Day being August 1st at 12:30 AM.

The theme for this year’s train ride is ‘The Fire Within’ – the internal fire that inspired people like Harriet Tubman to risk their lives to free hundreds of enslaved Africans from the brutality and inhumanity of plantation slavery in America; the same internal fire that inspired Rosemary Sadlier, Jean Agustine and Senator Wanda Bernard to advocate at all levels of government to officially acknowledge August 1st as Emancipation Day in Canada.

The train conductor for this year will be Dr. Lynn Jones, an African Nova Scotia leader, educator, community activist and trade unionist who continues

Freedom train arrives at Sheppard

today to address systemic racism and systemic ignorance of the ongoing challenges and burdens encountered daily in Canada.

The Freedom Train Ride, provides us the opportunity to recognize and celebrate Emancipation Day and also to recognize and celebrate the incredible efforts of so many people who continue to work towards true emancipation, as it was intended.

Freedom Train