Play about much more than ‘daddy issues’

Know My Father - NewspaperA play that premiered in 2011 for Father’s Day has been staged over the years at many churches and fund raising events, yet some who have seen it can’t get enough of it.

Back by popular demand, I Need To Know My Father is being presented by Marcia Brown and her production company just in time for Father’s Day with two shows, June 18 and 19 at the Jamaican Canadian Association.

Rochelle Robinson
Rochelle Robinson

According to Brown, a producer, writer, director, performer and one of the premier female actresses in Toronto’s Caribbean community, the show will have some different dialogue and each actor and actress will bring their unique talent to their roles.

She said she decided to stage the play based on feedback from the audience while performing at other shows.

“Every Father’s Day I do a production and I was promoting that I would be doing part two this year, but part two is still not ready. It would be a good segue into part two next year, if I also bring part one this year, so that people who would have seen it or haven’t seen part one, can come and see it, so that when I come with part two next year, the story would be still be vivid in their minds,” said Brown.

She added, “In this play, the varied realities of life come up front and centre. Set in what could be ‘anywhere’ Jamaica, the story tells of a young girl who is the product of a shunned union who is determined to get answers to secrets held.”

She described the show as “real.”

“In watching the play, be prepared to be moved to tears whether from humour or that emotional crevice we seldom bring in public realms where you cry because it resonates or tear up for apathy.

“For one show you will be locked in an auditorium and enthralled by the action on stage. You will forget time and space and you may leave questioning the realities in our communities and hoping that this play is made into a movie for mass consumption.”

Brown, who started performing in theatre in Jamaica, said she has hosted a Father’s Day show since 2000 and always wanted to stage a play that would “bring out some real issues” and put a positive spin on it.

She believes I Need to Know My Father is not unique to Caribbean people.

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