Poser to sing at the Parang Lime

Joan Alexander and Poser
Joan Alexander and Poser

Veteran calypsonian Poser, a popular Trinidadian soca parang artiste, will be the headliner at the 16th annual Parang Lime at the  Metropolitan Centre in Toronto on Sunday.

The Parang Lime, put on by longtime impressario Joan Alexander, her son Kolin and friends ” who feel like family,” is regarded by aficionados of the Venezuelan-derived Trinidad folk music as the premier annual parang event in Toronto.

Among the top ensembles at this year’s Parang Lime will be La Petite Musicale, Moka and Los Pajaros.

The widely travelled Poser ( Sylvester Lockhart) is expected to entertain his fans in Toronto with some old favourites such as Take Ah Drink Ah Dis  and Serreno Serreno.

Poser who started singing calypso before Trinidad and Tobago became an Independent nation in 1962, won the Road March title in 1979 with “Ah tell she” and was a finalist in the National Calypso competition on several occasions.

Several years ago, he crossed over into soca parang area and is now considered one of the top exponents of the genre.