Positive representation through books



 By Yolanda T. Marshall

Timeless love


Timeless Love” is a beautifully illustrated picture book about Alijah, his Mom, and his home’s new addition, Jason. Initially, Alijah enjoyed playing soccer with his Mom’s new friend. Then, as time progresses, he feels that Jason’s presence takes up too much of his Mom’s attention. Alijah fears his Mom doesn’t love him anymore as he brews and bottles up his emotions until his rage explodes. His Mom communicates to him in a supportive and patient way, allowing him to express and resolve his feelings. Alijah is reassured that his Mom’s love for him is timeless.

Having worked with children and youths for over 26 years, Julie Thompson was inspired and determined to write her first book based on her experience with her son. Like many Black Canadians born in Canada, she read literature that lacked characters who resembled her. Julie wanted to write a book that portrays positive representation and the reality of many loving and attentive Black parents experiencing the same challenges.

This book is available on the author’s website www.juliethompsonbooks.ca, Amazon and Indigo.

Julie Thompson






Two times removed

Two Times Removed: An Anthology of Indo-Caribbean Fiction,” by Tiara Jade Chutkhan, consists of a curated collection of sixteen short stories. It also features the works of Ashley Anthony, Saira Batasar, Kamala Chan, Anna Chowthi, Alexandra Daignault, Tiffany Manbodh, Alyssa Mongroo, Savita Prasad, Natasha Persaud, Karimah Rahman, Suhana Rampersad, Krystal Ramroop, Jihan Ramroop, Mari “Dev” Ramsawakh, and Alya Somar. These stories are by the younger generation of Indo-Caribbean storytellers. Through authentic, creative and brilliant storytelling, ancestors from India have been able to pass down history, folktales and experiences to pave the way for future generations. The writers traverse their worlds as they delve into their identities, family, trauma, relationships and more as children raised in the Indo-Caribbean diaspora.

Tiara Jade Chutkhan is of Guyanese and Trinidadian roots. She is the editor-in-chief of Brown Girl Diary, which focuses on representation for Indo-Caribbean women. Tiara is also a writer for the Caribbean Collective Mag. Her writing offers a voice and empowerment to those who haven’t felt, seen or are confident enough to express their culture.

Please visit the author’s website www.browngirldiary.com to learn more. This book is available on Amazon.

Tiara Jade Chutkhan









Ken Daley

Ken Daley is an award-winning artist/illustrator of “Joseph’s Big Ride”, “Auntie Luce’s Talking Paintings”, “A Feast for Joseph,” and “Jayden’s Impossible Garden”. Born in Cambridge, Ontario, to African-Caribbean parents, he is a graduate of the Art Centre of Central Technical School and an architectural technology graduate from Humber College in Toronto. His artwork has been exhibited in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Ken Daley illustration

Daley’s illustrated picture books serve a lush, textured, colourful and bold taste of culture. The vibrant energy and rich brown tones of his characters are seen and warmly felt in every book. He is passionate about the significance of representation in diverse stories, as they lend to a more fair world. Please visit the artist’s website to learn more at www.kendaleyart.com.

Along with Nadia Hohn and myself, Ken Daley will be hosting a “Pre-Kwanza Pyjama Book Party” on Thursday, December 9th, at 7-8pm ET at A Different Booklist Cultural Centre. The event will be virtual for all to see on the centre’s Facebook page @adifferentbooklistcc

This event will feature a list compiled by Nadia and me of books written by Canadian children’s creators for the holidays. Tune in with your little ones to enjoy our stories and learn more about authors and illustrators creating children’s books to amplify positive representation in the Caribbean community.







Holidays reading list:

A Feast for Joseph by Terry Farish and O.D. Bonny, illustrated by Ken Daley

A Piece of Black Cake for Santa by Yolanda T. Marshall, illustrated Subi Bosa

Kojo’s Holiday by Nadia L. Hohn, illustrated by Janine Carrington in Chickadee magazine, December 2021

Christiano’s Blue Christmas by Thalia Bennett, illustrated by Beatriz Mello


Did Santa Wear a Mask? by Chesand Gregory, illustrated by Cleoward Sky


Granny’s Kitchen by Sadé Smith, illustrated by Ken Daley (coming July 2022)

It’s Cookie Time by Kirsten E. Foster

Malaika’s Surprise by Nadia L. Hohn, illustrated by Irene Luxbacher

Malaika’s Winter Carnival by Nadia L. Hohn, illustrated by Irene Luxbacher

Missing You by Erica London, illustrated by Mayhara Farraz

Soca Birthday Party: with Jollof Rice and Steel Pans  by Yolanda T. Marshall, illustrated Subi Bosa

These books are available at A Different Booklist Store, Knowledge Bookstore, Indigo, Amazon and many more.