Privy Council orders Jack Warner to repay  Krishna Lalla (TT) $1.5m

 Jack Warner

The London-based Privy Council has ordered Trinidad and Tobago former government minister Jack Warner to repay TT$1,505,493

plus interest to Krishna Lalla, a businessman who had sourced the money from Real Time Systems Limited for Warner.

The judgment, handed down on Monday, arose out of an initial 2018 ruling of Trinidad and Tobago High Court Judge Frank Seepersad.

Justice Seepersad had ordered Warner, to pay the $1.5m to Lalla, a United National Congress (UNC) financier at the time, who claimed the money given to Warner was a loan in the lead up to the 2007 Trinidad and Tobago general election campaign.

Warner who was a member of the UNC, denied that it was a loan.

He had argued that the money was given as a gift for campaign financing for the UNC.