Protesters attacked with hockey stick following rally in Winnipeg

Jylah George-Marie Shallcross and Theo Landry

WINNIPEG –  Winnipeg Police  is investigating an incident on Saturday in  which two protesters were attacked with a hockey stick after a Black and Indigenous Lives Matter rally

Video of the incident, which was reported to police just after 8 p.m. on Saturday is circulating on social media.

In one video, a woman can be seen getting out of a s car charging toward a pair of protestors with a hockey stick.

A second video shows the hockey stick change hands with a second woman from the vehicle — before a second protester is hit in the head.

Theo Landry, 29,  an African-Canadian who was struck first, said the incident  started a short time after the  rally on the grounds of  the Manitoba Legislature.

He said he and  a  friend , identified only as as Judith, were marching toward the Canadian Museum For Human Rights, where a round dance was set to take place.

On the way, in what he describes as an act of peaceful protest,  he decided to lie down on the street for a moment in front of cars.

That’s when a woman, alongside three others inside  a car, began shouting at him, he said.

“She started yelling racial slurs, spitting insults and saying our protests didn’t mean much,” Landry said. “She was very much offended by me stalling her time.”

Landry got up off of the road and said the car moved aggressively past him, causing him to splash his water bottle on the back of the car.

After that, the vehicle stopped and the video recording of the incident started, he said.

A woman can be seen getting out of the vehicle, with a hockey stick in her hand and moving toward Landry and his friend.

“You can see in the video there’s a lot of anger driving her forward.” he said.

Landry was struck twice in the arm and was not badly injured, he said.

As seen in the video,the woman swings the hockey stick at Landry before the woman turns her attention to Judith who  approaches to intervene and she begins swinging again as Landry steps between the two.

The woman then lands a blow to Judith’s head.

“As I had her in my arms, we started running away and I heard her cry, and it’s at that moment that I looked up at her and saw her face bleeding,” said Landry.

The witness who captured the video, recorded the suspects’ license plate and gave it to the police.

Jylah George-Marie Shallcross, the event organizer , did not witness incident, but calls the attack, and video, heartbreaking.

“Overall I feel horrible,” she said. “I also feel very concerned for the safety, of not just my friends, but for all of the Black and Indigenous youth and the rest of the BIPOC community in Winnipeg.”‘

Shallcross, who supports the movement to defund police, believes the kind of violence portrayed in the video is what police should be dealing with, instead of wellness checks, for example.

She believes the attack was racially motivated and said Winnipeggers need to know racism is real and rampant in the city and around the world.

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