Province pledges $15.9M for immigrant settlement program

Michael Couteau

By Gerald V. Paul

Ontario is increasing support for settlement programmes and helping more than 80,000 newcomers get the services they need to settle and find jobs.
Ninety-eight organizations across the province will receive support to the tune of $15.9 million over the next two years to help connect new immigrants with language and job training and other community services.

“This year’s investment will allow select agencies to explore new and innovative ways to deliver support to vulnerable immigrants and underserviced communities,” Michael Coteau, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration revealed.

Enhancing newcomer settlement services is part of the province’s Immigration Strategy and supports the new Ontario government’s efforts to build a healthy province and a fair society.
Since 2003, Ontario has increased funding to settlement programmes by almost 80 per cent. And more newcomers immigrate to Ontario than any other province- nearly 40 per cent of Canada’s immigrants land in Ontario.

“When newcomers settle and succeed in our province, everyone benefits,” Coteau said.